5 Easy Ways for Moms to be More Green

ways to be more green If everyone makes small, green actions daily, we can have a positive impact on the earth for future generations. Even just using a chalkboardto communicate with one another as opposed to individual pieces of paper reduces your family’s carbon footprint. There are ways to be more green and reduce your family’s carbon footprint.

1. Purchase Organic Foods

Whether you buy it or grow it, feed your children organic food if you can. By using organic food, you reduce the amount of pesticides and chemicals that your children consume. If organic foods are not in your budget, consider switching the main staples over. For example: milk, bread and eggs.

2. Buy ECO Friendly and Recycled Toys

A lot of the toys that are made of plastic are difficult to recycle, which is why landfills are full of these toys. Try to purchase toys that are made of more ECO friendly materials such as bamboo, wood and cloth. Find toys decorated with natural finishes and safe paints. Once your kids have grown up, don’t dump the toys. Find a local goodwill or recycling company to give to.

3. Purchase from Secondhand Stores

Secondhand stores offer an array of products. Whether you are looking for clothes, books, toys, furniture and even electronics, you may be able to find it at your local resale/consignment shop. When you purchase these items as opposed to buying ‘new,’ you save the energy used to create the ‘new’ toys. You also reduce the energy necessary to package and ship the toys.

4. Pack ECO Friendly Lunches for School

Use reusable, insulated lunchboxes. This is good for the environment and your child. Also avoid using prepackaged foods single-serving items when possible. Instead, pack fresh foods in small, plastic reusable containers or lunch bags.

5. Create an Organic Garden

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revised its nutritional guidelines to include more fruits and vegetables. While this is a good thing, studies show that children tend to waste them. You can try to spark their interest in fruits and vegetables by planting an organic garden. If your children are not fruit and veggie eaters, chances are that once they grow their own they will want to try them.

These are just a few of the things you can do to live a greener life. You can find numerous items to help you go green at sites like Current.