5 Cute Ways to Store your Greeting Cards

If you’re like most greeting card fans, you may buy cards or even boxes of cards in advance when the perfect greeting cards catch your eye. While this can be great for advanced planning, it can be a hassle when it comes to storing your cards in a way that is neat, organized, and safe from spilled soda pop or coffee. We’ve tackled the issue with five cute and creative ways to store greeting cards.  

Door Pouches

You know those handy plastic or fabric pouches sold for hanging art supplies or shoes to the backside of a door? They can double as greeting card holders. Check the width of each pocket and pick one that is at least 6 inches wide to ensure the standard 5-inch by 7-inch greeting cards fit. Place multiple cards in each pouch for easy viewing and selecting.

Accordion Folders

Accordion folders work as a streamlined way to store greeting cards, especially since you can easily tuck the folders in a closet or beneath the bed when not in use. Look for a sizable accordion folder made out of durable material, ensuring it has built-in dividers for organizing cards by holiday, recipient, theme or whatever attribute you choose.

Divided Filing Boxes

Recipes aren’t the only things that can rock divided filing boxes. Pick a plastic, wooden, metal or cardboard box – or even use a repurposed shoe box decorated with paint or decorative paper. Make sure the width and height are suitable for the cards you want to store, then purchase or create tabbed, cardboard dividers to keep different greeting cards in their appropriate categories.


Big, fat binders can come to the rescue to store greeting cards. Simply stock them with the clear plastic pouches normally meant for sliding in photos, paper or other materials. Slide greeting cards into the pouches, using stick-on tabs or tabbed dividers for organization. Another idea is to dedicate one smaller binder to each holiday or category, keeping the binders neatly lined up on a bookcase or shelf.

Shallow Shelves

If you have room to dedicate part of a wall to displaying your greeting cards, shallow shelves are a sensational way to do it. Opt for shelving strips that have a lip at the front so you can prop up your cards against the wall with no fear of them slipping off. Choose shelves that are a little deeper and you can keep cards in their boxes if desired.

Mix and match these cute storage methods as needed to ensure your greeting cards stay neat, organized and ready for action when it comes time to send them on their merry way.