5 More Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentines gifts, putting thought and effort into the wrapping is as important as the gift. While the gift and wrapping can be extravagant or be completely sentimental, it is important that the packaging reflect our admiration for the intended recipient. After all, we are talking about the ones we love.

We understand that creative wrapping takes a little bit of extra inspiration, so we are here with a few adoringly sweet wrapping ideas for Valentine’s Day to help.  We also have Valentine gift wrap and treat bags you’ll love.

More Cute Valentines Wrapping Ideas

Try peek-a-boo wrapping. Wrap the package once in a red patterned paper. Then take a thick brown or white wrap cut out hearts, or cut away a half a heart, leaving it attached and open like a small door. The wrap the gift again with the plain paper covering the colored paper. The color will show through the cut outs and the small flaps add dimension to the wrapping.

Wrap your gift in love.. or the love language! You can wrap a small gift in the pages from a French romance novel and tied in a gold cord, or use plain paper and write a love note on the paper in French with gold ink.

Wrap it hero style. If your Valentine’s Day includes giving a gift to your own hero, why not wrap it Superhero style?  Wrapping does not have to be childish, or overtly “super hero” to hit at a cool theme. Try wrapping a gift in bright red and tying it up with white and blue cord for a Spiderman theme, or partially wrap over an already wrapped gift to reveal a superman symbol.

Use lux wrapping paper as an accessory in wrapping. Wrap the gift in a high quality plain wrap, and then use a patterned as a wide band across the middle of the package. Top it off with a contrasting ribbon or bow for a beautiful effect.

Try non-wrapping paper packaging. Think out of the box and consider all of the many other options in wrapping a gift, like painted mason jars, fabric, or glittered boxes.

With a little extra thought and our wrapping ideas for Valentine’s Day, you are sure to have a special day that will be remembered for years to come.  To top off that special gift and fabulous wrap, remember to check out Current’s Valentine’s Day Cards to express your love.