5 Creative Ways to Gift Money

creative ways to give money puzzleWhat do you give the guy or gal who has everything? Money is always appreciated, but you don’t want to give a plain envelope filled with dollar bills. Instead, try one of these 5 creative ways to gift money:

1. Money Balloon

Balloons hold more than just helium when you fill them with cash and confetti. To create these fun gifts, use a funnel to pour confetti into a clear 16-inch balloon. Add rolled up bills and helium; then give the money balloon to the recipient within a few hours for best results.

2. Cash Roll Up

Unraveling a roll of dollar bills gives recipients of all ages a good laugh. Tape several bills together end to end and roll them up. Insert the roll into a decorated, empty tissue box that has a small slit cut into it. Pull the end of the first bill through the slit, secure it with a small piece of tape and the gift is ready to give.

3. Decorative Card

Sometimes, a check is more appropriate than cash because it’s safer and easier to give. Simply insert a check into a greeting card for a classy gift. Add a personal touch when you include a heartfelt note.

4. Origami Check

Paper folding is an ancient Japanese art form you can use when you give a check. Creatively fold the check into a fun design like a shirt or dress the next time you want to give someone money.

5. Puzzle

Make your recipient work for their money! Present cash or a gift card in this Gift Card Maze Puzzle! It only opens when they’ve finally solved the puzzle!

Cash and checks are always appreciated. So, whether you give cash in a balloon or insert a check into a card, use our easy online order form to stock up on creative money gifts.