Willow Tree Collection – Why Willow Tree Sculptures Don’t Have Faces

Willow Tree® for Demdaco Two Together by Current CatalogHave you ever wondered why those Willow Tree sculptures don’t have faces?

Artist Susan Lordi began her Willow Tree sculptures back in January 2000. Since then the Willow Tree line has grown to include figurines, family groupings, ornaments, plaques, journals, and other keepsakes. Lordi’s original inspiration for these sculptures was to represent the warm feelings that would make people feel closer, to each other to help build relationship and heal wounds.

Willow Tree® for Demdaco Kindness Figurine by Current CatalogThese feelings and emotions are expressed simply and elegantly with body gestures only, leaving the head faceless. But why?

In a blog post on WomenOfGrace.com, Lordi said, “This ties into the viewer becoming more of a participant in the understanding of the piece. It makes it more personal for the giver and receiver to envision what or whom they want.”

The Willow Tree sculptures are beautiful expressions of emotion that can be different for each viewer. That’s what makes them so personal and meaningful.

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