How to Create a Bucket List

We all have things we want to accomplish before we kick the bucket! But all too often, we get bogged down by tedious everyday tasks and forget about those things we dreamt of doing. That’s why creating a bucket list is so important: it’s a plan for you to live a meaningful life. And by sharing it with your friends and family, you can share quality time together as they help you work towards crossing items off the list! Here’s how to do it.

Metal "Bucket List" Bucket by Current CatalogWrite It Out

Put your ideas into writing! What are your dreams and aspirations? What are the things you’ve always wanted to do? Write down whatever ideas you have, as tame or as crazy as they might be. When writing your ideas down, don’t limit yourself, and don’t edit your feelings. Just write, and throw your ideas in the bucket! And never stop adding to it!

The Big Bucket List Book by Current CatalogBe Inspired

If you can’t think of of ideas for your bucket list, go ahead and look at other people’s lists for inspiration. Some of the most popular ideas are travel, take up a new sport, learning a new skill, run a marathon, volunteer, learn how to play an instrument, plant a vegetable garden, take a painting class, reconnect with an old friend, visit the grandkids, or learn to cook or bake. Use these ideas as a starting point, and think of what would be most meaningful in your life. The possibilities are endless!

Organize Your List

To make your list feel less daunting, organize it by time and categories. Some things on your bucket list can be completed in the summer. Some things can be completed by the end of the year, and some things require more planning and could be completed within the next few years. Figure out when the items on your list can be completed and organize accordingly.

Set Achievable Goals

Break up your bucket list into smaller achievable goals. Want to run a marathon? Set new training goals each week and work your way up. You’ll feel a sense of achievement each time you reach those goals, and you’ll be closer to crossing off an item on the list!

Spring Bucket List Plaque by Current CatalogShare It

Share your list with your significant other and your kids! They can help you achieve your goals and join you in your journey. Think of all the fun you’ll have learning new skills and doing fun stuff together! The kids can even make their own bucket list with the Spring Bucket List.