The Secret to Remembering Birthdays

Whoever said “better late than never” was not talking about birthdays. But between getting the kids ready for school, going to work, cleaning the house, and the rest of your daily chaos, it’s easy to let even the most important birthdays slip your mind. Never fear! Current is here to save you the embarrassment of a belated birthday greeting. Stay one step ahead with our greeting cards and organizers!

Birthday Card Vlue Packs by Current CatalogBirthday Cards Pack

Don’t spend time and money picking out individual store-bought birthday cards. We’ve got sets upon sets of adorable cards – some silly, some sentimental, some just plain cute! And everyone knows that buying in bulk is the secret to savings – so get ready to save a ton when you buy a pack of cards from Current.

Our pick? The Mega Birthday Value Pack #1. With a whopping 20 designs to choose from and 2 of each design included (for a total of 40 cards!), you won’t have to worry about buying birthday cards for years to come (unless you’ve got a big family, in which case…maybe get two packs).

Greeting Card Organizer by Current CatalogGreeting Card Box

We love this Greeting Card Box for its chic mish-mash of funky zigzags and classic floral design. But this box is also more than just a pretty face – it holds more than 140 cards within 12 dividers. Label the dividers by month and store an entire year of birthday cards inside. The best part? It’s cute enough to display in any room of the house!

Greeting Card Organizer by Current CatalogGreeting Card Book

This book is pure genius. Each month has a pocket page where you can list birthdays and store your cards. It’s so easy to use and will come in handy during those super hectic days.

Pro Tip: Stay one step ahead by viewing your friends’ birthdays in advance on Facebook. Click on the Events tab on the left side of your home page. Then you’ll see the Birthdays tab in the top right corner. Click “See All” and you can scroll to see birthdays for an entire year!