4 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

kids party invitationsAs a parent, you want to make your child’s special day one that will become a cherished memory. Not sure where to start? Let these unique birthday party ideas for kids inspire you:

Little Leonardo Birthday Parties

Inspire kids’ creativity while expanding their knowledge of art with a painting party. Tell parents to send the kids in clothing that can get messy. Give the kids plenty of age-appropriate painting tools such as finger paints, water colors, plenty of paper, glitter, brushes and stamps. Send them home with their creations.

Mini Mystery Party

The murder mystery party is an affair that adapts itself well to younger guests. Instead of a murder, invent a fun mystery to solve, such as a missing birthday cake. Start by giving party-goers a clue that will lead them to a hidden cache. Each cache holds a goodie for the children to keep and a clue to lead them to the next spot. At the end of the hunt, lead the party-goers to the table to enjoy cake and ice cream.

Decorate the Cake Party

Let the kids’ creativity run wild by providing them with cupcakes ad cookies to decorate themselves. Offer colored frostings, edible paint, candies, dried fruit and nuts. The decorated cookies make great goodie bag additions. Be sure to ask in advance about any food allergies or sensitivities so that all the boys and girls can enjoy the festivities.

A Night (or Day) at the Museum

Are you too busy for a DIY party, but still want to offer your child a unique birthday experience? Many museums offer birthday packages. Depending on options where you live, the kids can participate in fun science experiments, learn about art and history or even feed the animals at a zoo or aquarium.

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