4 Ideas That Will Make Your 4th of July Celebration EXPLODE!

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, so you need to start planning your party now. Decorations for this party are typically available in red, white and blue. You can find countless Fourth of July decorating ideas at Current Catalog.

  1. You can find many paper items for your Fourth of July party such as cards, notes and memo pads. A memo pad typically has a patriotic image at the bottom of the papers, while a card will have the image over the front of the card. You can use these items for sending invitations or thanking guests for attending your party.
  2. Glassware for this party often includes glass ornaments and glass scatters in red, white and blue colors. You can often attach these ornaments in a variety of locations. Common locations for displaying glass scatters include ash trays, candleholders and vases.
  3. Outdoor decorations for a Fourth of July party include banners and bunting. You will typically mount a banner on a door or wall of your house. Bunting is generally placed on the rail of a porch or stairway.
  4. Patriotic stickers include a variety of images such as the American flag, stars and Uncle Sam. Their adhesive backing allows you to place them almost anywhere.


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