3 Things You Shouldn’t Leave the House Without

emergency checks Whether heading out for a speedy trip to the market or heading out of town for the weekend with the family, there are three essential things you simply shouldn’t leave the house without: a cell phone, games for a car ride, and an emergency checkbook.

Cellular Phones Resolve Most Predicaments

We all know that car problems like flat tires or running out of gas can be very inconvenient, but whipping out that cell phone can bring help quickly. However, cell phones can also be helpful when the emergency is someone else’s – and they need your help. In fact, according to EdTech Magazine’s recent study, more than 84% of cellular users claimed that they could not go without their phone for a single day!

Games for a Car Ride – Keeping Backseat Drivers Content

Kids of all ages enjoy playing games, and they can really make a long drive go by much faster for restless travelers. Games like I Spy, the License Plate Game, and classics like Slug Bug require nothing but participation. However, there is a wide selection of traditional travel games to choose from at Current that can entertain the entire group on the next road trip or keep them occupied while you handle your errands. Stash a couple of puzzle books and travel games in the car, so you’ll never leave home without them.

Emergency Checks Can Save the Day

Finding yourself in a situation that requires money when you are out of cash can be tricky and embarrassing. Worse, perhaps that credit card you were relying on has been declined for some reason. That is when an emergency checkbook can become the home run hitter that wins the game and helps you save face by allowing you to take care of that tab.

Keeping these three things you shouldn’t leave home without on hand at all times can ease just about any situation, and you can discover many of these items at Current – a one-stop shopping source gifts and personalized goods.