2016 Current Catalog Calendar Preview!

A trip to the museum, an important interview, birthdays, and a movie premiere— you will never miss an important date with the right calendar on your side. Calendars are the ultimate organizational tool and are a constant visual reminder of what is important in life.

If you are gearing up for 2016, it is time to choose the perfect calendar. Calendars are part organization and part inspiration; they are a rich dashboard of events and when you are done they are a hand record of the year past. That is why choosing the right one now is so important.

In honor of our fellow organizers, the tribe of calendar devotees, we want to share a few of our favorite 2016 calendars. We know that the wait is unbearable!

Mary Engelbreit 2016-2017 Calendar Pad

If you are a desk doodler and devoted date keeper, the Mary Engelbreit 2016-2017 Calendar Pad  is for you! The desk calendar has plenty of room for notes along the side and there is ample room in each square to organize even the busiest of days.

2016 Simply Organized Big Grid Calendar

Perfect for the ultimate organizer who loves the uncluttered, well-scheduled life, the 2016 Simply Organized Big Grid Calendar has room enough for a year filled with big plans. Each month covers nearly two full non-smear pages, so you can schedule and add notes with ease.

2016 Blessed are Ye Calendar

The Blessed Are Ye calendar is perfect for a daily dose of inspiration. Every day is a gift, and this calendar is serves as the perfect reminder to spend your days well.

2016 Pretty Planning Pocket Calendar

For those always on the go, a pocket calendar is an essential organizational tool. Our Pretty Planning Pocket Calendar features a slim line design for portability as well as a clear vinyl cover so it can take even the abuse of busy days.

2016 CATtitude Wall Calendar

If you are addicted to cute cat videos, (So, we confess, we LOVE them), this 2016 CATtitude Calendar is purrrfect for getting your daily dose of fluffy goodness.  Oh, and perfect for staying organized if the adorableness doesn’t distract you from the task at hand for too long. We love it either way.

Now that you know our favorites, which ones do you love?