10 Unique, Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Her

Buying gifts for the women in your life shows them your appreciation and love. Instead of spending a fortune, consider 10 unique inexpensive gift ideas for her.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Her candles 1. Manicure Set

Mini nail files, colorful nail polish and a tube of hand lotion combine to create a simple manicure set for home use.

2. Books

Search used book stores for meaningful titles, and then write a personalized note inside the front cover for your bookworm friends.

3. Handmade Jewelry

With a few affordable supplies, create unique necklaces, earrings and bracelets with gems that match each friend’s style and personality.

4. Chocolate Treats

Chocolate enthusiasts on your gift list will appreciate a bag of candy, homemade brownies or other chocolate confections.

5. Candles

The LED Holiday Scented Jar Candle Trio allows you to give inexpensive yet festive candles to all your friends.

6. Framed Photos

Insert a favorite snapshot of you and your friend into a special frame. Inexpensive wooden frames from the thrift store are easy to paint, or use hot glue to attach gems, seashells or buttons.

7. Puzzles

Women on your Christmas list may enjoy traditional puzzles or word puzzle books. Search dollar stores for an inexpensive selection of all types of puzzles.

8. Jarred Soup Mixes

Assist your friends in putting a warm meal on the table when you give a variety of jarred soup mixes, including one or more from Recipe Goldmine.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Her wine 9. Favorite Beverages

No matter what your friends enjoy drinking, create a gift that’s sure to please. A canister of coffee, box of flavored teas or bottle of wine keep the women in your life hydrated and happy.

10. Share Breakfast

Since breakfast is typically cheaper than lunch or dinner, a coupon to a local breakfast eatery gives you and your friend an affordable way to reconnect and spend time together.

This holiday season, give all the women on your list unique and inexpensive gifts. You’ll find a variety from Current, as well as colorful wrapping paper and ribbon that gives each gift a pretty presentation she’ll appreciate.