10 Things to Include in your Sunday School Easter Baskets

Easter activity book Sunday School teachers spend the weeks leading up to Easter preparing their students for the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection. After several various lessons and craft projects about Easter, it’s only natural to want to create a small gift to help the young children celebrate this springtime holiday. A Sunday School Easter basket is an appropriate and fun treat for all ages, and these are perfect things to put in Sunday School Easter basket.

10 Things to Put in Sunday school Easter Basket

  1. Place a small cross in the basket order to remind children about the importance of Jesus in their life.
  2. Include a fun mini Easter activity book to help them learn a little about the season through coloring pages and puzzles.
  3. Bouncy balls are an inexpensive and fun addition to any Easter basket.
  4. Create a prayer card especially for your Sunday School students and give it to them in their Easter basket.
  5. Don’t forget to include the chocolate bunny that everyone loves so much.
  6. Fill plastic eggs with jelly beans and include one in each basket.
  7. Easter story bookAdd some education to the basket by providing a new book about Easter. “The Bernstein Bears and the Easter Story” is a classic that is loved by all children.
  8. Every child loves a new pack of crayons, so this is a great addition to the Easter basket.
  9. A small stuffed animal, such as a bunny, chick or rabbit, will perfectly complement the basket.
  10. A few sheets of Easter stickers will provide kids with that extra burst of creativity that they need.

Your Sunday School students will be thrilled when they finish off their lessons on Easter Sunday with a special treat from yours truly. They will feel loved and appreciated, and they will be excited to share everything that they learned about the miracle of Easter with their parents, their family members and their friends. For more Easter basket ideas, visit Current today.