10 Strangest Holidays and How to Celebrate Them

Get out your crispy 2014 calendar and mark down some of the strangest holidays celebrated around the world so you’ll be prepared to celebrate along with the rest of us.

Strangest Holidays dog calendar 1. The Magpie Festival – Seven days into the seventh lunar month of the Chinese calendar, young Chinese girls reach out in prayer for a good spouse and exhibit their best ‘wifely’ skills during the festival hoping to attract that special mate. Celebrate by cutting a melon, one of the practices of the hopeful youths during the Magpie Festival.

2. Straw Bear Day – January 7th kicks off an English traditional festival that marks the beginning of the agricultural year, and a male is adorned in a straw ‘suit’ and led from venue to venue to dance and cajole for food or money. Celebrate with the youngsters and jump around in a pile of leaves – hay is itchy!

3. Groundhog Day – This isn’t one of the strangest holidays to Canadians and Americans, but is likely strange elsewhere. After all, it’s hard to put much esteem in predicting the weather based on a shadow. Be your own Punxsutawney Phil this February 2nd – step outside to see your shadow, or not.

4. National Weatherman’s Day – Not everyone’s so appreciative of the weatherman’s news, but reach deep down into your warmest memories of sunny days on a dreary February 5th and find the love for your local weatherman.

5. La Tomatina – Those wild and unpredictable folks in Bunol, Spain hold the world’s largest annual food fight in the main square on the final Wednesday of each August. Hoards of tractors loaded with overripe tomatoes arm attendees with ammunition for an hour and a half tomato throwing frenzy. Set up a target on a tree and take a thwack at it with some fruit. Once you’ve ordered a new 2014 Calendar, maybe your old one could be the target.

Strangest Holidays italy calendar 6. TV Dinner Day – Sit back on September 10th and forget about cooking as you celebrate along with other American’s in honor of the TV Dinner, first introduced by C.A Swanson & Sons in the 50s. The culinary-savvy French would consider this one of the world’s strangest holidays, for sure!

7. Teacher Appreciation Day – The ones who seem to deserve the most appreciation finally get their due each October 5th. What makes this one of the strangest holidays is that it only comes once a year. Thoughtful gifts for teachers on this day like classroom accessories or decor will show your appreciation.

8. World Egg Day – Typically the first or second weekend marks the world’s love of eggs and a newfound respect for their healthiness. Indulge in eggs your favorite way to celebrate this special day.

9. Lopburi Monkey Buffet – The jungle dwelling population of Lopburi Village in Thailand are ‘invited’ by villagers to feast on a buffet of peanuts, crabs, cucumbers, and refreshing Coca Cola at the local Pa Prang Sam Yot Temple on the final weekend of November. Spend the day at the zoo, but don’t feed the monkeys!

10. National Bathtub Party Day – Certainly one of the strangest holidays ever, December 5th is the time to call up all your friends to – party in the bathtub?

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