10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

indoor hopscotch Stuck inside on a dreary day? Keep your little ones entertained with these innovative rainy day activities for kids:

  1. Create an obstacle course.
    Have the kids crawl under pillow forts, jump down an indoor hopscotch and hop from one sofa cushion to another.
  2. Make musical instruments like maracas.
    Use odds and ends like dried beans, toilet paper rolls, foil and rubber bands to make instruments that rattle and twang. When you are done constructing them, celebrate with a living room parade.
  3. Learn origami.
    There are many tutorials online to help you and your kids perfect forms that range from cute animals to useful boxes to beautiful flowers.
  4. Make ice cream.
    No ice cream maker required! A large coffee can, some ice, salt, cream and sugar are all you need to shake your way to a frosty treat. Look for tutorials online.
  5. Watch a favorite movie overdubbed in a foreign language.
    Do your kids have a movie they know by heart? Check to see if there are dubbed version available on Netflix or on a DVD. It’s a great way to pick up words in a new language.
  6. Make soap crayons.
    Household goods like soap and food coloring get a fun new life as bath-time crayons.
  7. loom bands kit Play “spa day.”
    Buzz up yummy ingredients like honey, oats and fruits for a fun facial, do each other’s hair and nails and just have some fun.
  8. Make paper mache hats together.
    Every dress-up box needs a few good hats. These are cheap and easy to make while providing hours of fun.
  9. Make a movie.
    Everyone has a video camera of some sort, whether on your phone, your computer or a digital camera. Use any props made in the activities above and create a fun story to act out.
  10. Do a kid-oriented workout.
    Kids can get restless when they are indoors too long. Work out some of that energy with dance, yoga or another activity.

Hopefully one of these rainy day activities will inspire you the next time it rains. Visit Current Catalog for other simple kid’s games and toys.

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