10 New Year’s Resolutions You Haven’t Thought Of

When it comes to resolutions, there are some “typical” ones you have probably either heard of, or perhaps even made yourself; things like lose 10 pounds by Valentine’s Day, reorganize the entire house by the end of January, and finally put together that family scrapbook you’ve been meaning to make for the last 10 years. This year, why not do something different? Here are 10 new years resolutions you might not have considered:

  1. Resolve not to make any resolutions. Instead of making resolutions (i.e., rules for yourself) why not set goals instead? Setting goals gives you something to achieve, to look forward to, rather than making a “what not to do list”, which is often what resolutions tend to be. Goals offer focus and a fixed endpoint at which to aim. You can celebrate each step along the way toward achieving your ultimate goal, which will help build a sense of success, increase your self-confidence, and prove that with perseverance, your end goal will be achieved.
  2. Decide to be less perfect. In other words, decide that it’s okay if you don’t achieve perfection in everything you do. Whereas most resolutions come from the perspective of achieving some form of self-improvement, maybe this year you need to give yourself a break and relax!
  3. Note Cards by Current CatalogShare positivity. Since most resolutions focus on us, why not shift the focus from inward to outward, and decide to make other people happy as often as possible? Plan to do at least one nice thing a day for someone else, whether they are known to you or a stranger. It may be as simple as letting that person with their turn signal on get in front of you in the line of traffic. You’ll still get to your destination, just one car length later, and it could make their day. You could even write a personal letter or note to a friend and let them know how much they mean to you. That simple gesture could make their day!
  4. Read the book your favorite movie is based on. Love “Gone with the Wind”? Enthralled by “Dr. Zhivago” or “Robin Hood”? These may be epic movies we all love to watch, but have you ever read the book your favorite classic is based on? There’s something about getting lost in the pages of a really good book that just can’t be duplicated on the silver screen.
  5. Recipe Cards from Current CatalogIntroduce new foods. Why not resolve to try a new food at least once a week? We tend to get into a rut with our food choices, recycling the same fast food, restaurant, and even home-cooked meals week after week. This year, why not try something different at least once a week. You could discover you love Thai food, or that tofu really isn’t that bad. Always wondered about that strangely shaped fruit in the produce section? Ask about it. Pick some up and find a recipe online. Save your favorite recipes for later! Most of us don’t get enough variety in our diet, and this is a fun way to expand your culinary horizons and possibly discover a new favorite.
  6. Fall in love with your body. Many new years resolutions center around improving some aspect of our physique. This year, why not decide to start loving and appreciating the body you have, imperfect though it may be? Build your self-confidence by focusing on what you can do and what you like, rather than thinking about what you wish was different. Learn how to show off your best features, and be thankful for the body you have.
  7. Games from Current CatalogLearn a new game. Boost the fun quotient in your life by learning how to play a game you have never tried. Don’t understand poker? Buy a deck of cards and watch some YouTube tutorials. Always wondered how to play backgammon or dominoes? Pick up a set and teach yourself. Suck at Scrabble? You can play online against the computer, a stranger, or a friend. Spend some time learning a new game and you may discover those family get-togethers don’t have to be quite so boring next year.
  8. Take pictures in interesting places. Are you as tired of restaurant selfies as we are? Why not take that camera or phone out on the town, and see how many interesting places you can photograph? Your friends and family have seen enough pictures of you and your favorite pizza – it’s time to step up your selfie game and keep people guessing what you’ll post next!
  9. Break a record. Have you ever looked through a book of world records and thought “I can do that!” Now’s your chance! Find a record you are confident you can break, no matter how bizarre, and go for it. You just might discover a hidden talent, and find yourself in the next record-breaking book for your achievement.
  10. Change things up. Find a new normal by breaking out of your routine. Why not spice things up by doing one small thing differently at least once a week? Wear something new you wouldn’t normally wear, travel a different route to work, shop at a new grocery store, listen to a different kind of music. Staying open to new experiences keeps life interesting, and helps avoid falling into a rut.