10 Easy Tips for Laundry Room Organization

If you are like most women, you spend way more time than you would like in your laundry room. Therefore, because you utilize the room so much, you most certainly want it to function at its best and create some organization. Read below for our 10 amazing laundry room organization tips that will help you do just that:

tips for laundry room organization tiered hangars Lost sock organization: Socks that have lost their mates are always a problem in the laundry room. You can easily remedy this problem by using a board and some laundry pins. Paint lost socks on the board in a bold color and hang on the wall. Now, you have home for those pesky single socks until you find their mates.

Air drying area: An easy way to add air drying space to your laundry room is hanging a wooden gate or wooden ladder from the ceiling. Once hung, it’s the perfect place to air dry your clothes. Wall mounted, drying racks or tiered hangars are also a great way to air dry clothes.

Shelf behind appliances: There is always a small space behind your washer and dryer and you can easily place a small shelf in that space. This makes the perfect home for detergent, dryer sheets and anything else you might like to have on hand while doing the laundry.

Small shelf for clean laundry: When doing laundry for more than a couple of people, it can helpful to have shelves available in which to place clean clothes. You can either fold clothes and place right on the shelf or place labeled baskets on the shelf to house each person’s clothing.

Between appliances storage: Acquire a pull out shelving unit for in between your washer and dryer. This gives you a way to store needed items and allows you to hide it from view when not in use.

Back of the door storage: Use the back of your laundry room door for additional storage. This can be accomplished by using a small hanging shelf with a lip or by utilizing a hanging shoe organizer.

Cover ups: Sometimes it is best to simply cover up what you don’t want people to see. You can accomplish this with folding doors, a shower curtain or regular household curtains.

tips for laundry room organizationPlace for the coins: Loose change is also a problem in the laundry room. To fix this, buy a pretty container and place it on one of your shelves. Label it “loose change,” and make sure it has a lid. From now on, you will have a location to check when your kid’s need ice cream money and it ensures that loose change has a home.

Sectioned laundry hampers: If you have room, it is ideal to have separate hampers for dark and light clothing. In addition, sorting kid’s clothes from adults and bed linens or towels from clothing is also wise. There are many ways to accomplish this task, including store bought hampers, which you can label or embroider.

Fold down ironing board: Although ironing is considered a thing of the past, it is still important to be able to iron select clothing items every now and then. A great way to ensure your ironing board isn’t an organizational problem is installing a fold down ironing board to your laundry room wall.

We hope you have enjoyed our easy to follow tips on laundry room organization.

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