Worst Gifts to Get your Wife for Christmas

worst gifts to get your wife for Christmas Ti’s the season for giving. But needless to say, some gifts are flat-out off limits, especially when it comes to buying for your wife. So don’t get yourself put in the doghouse this Christmas – keep the holiday season joyful, fun and merry. With that being said, here’s a look at some of the worst gifts to get your wife:

  • A gym membership: Nothing quite says “I don’t like the way you’ve let yourself go, so get back in shape” like a membership to the local gym.
  • A vacuum cleaner: Stay away from household cleaning items. Cooking items, like toasters, microwaves and griddles, are off limits too.
  • Video games: Let’s face it – this is really a gift for you, not the wife. Don’t go there.
  • A scale: Christmas is a happy time. Don’t ruin your holiday season by giving your wife a gift implying she’s getting fat and that you wouldn’t mind if she shed a few pounds.
  • Clothing: Clothing is tricky, as it can be a great gift – but only if you know your wife’s size and style. If you’ve got the style part down, you better get the size right – the last thing you want to do is get your wife something that fits too snug or too loosely.

Now that you know some gifts to stay away from, here’s some better gift ideas:

  • Fancy wine: Don’t forget the wine glasses either.
  • A jewelry holder or decorative case: Think of this as your wife’s toolbox. Add a piece of jewelry to go along with it.
  • A day at the local spa: Go ahead, spoil her as a way of thanking her for all she does.
  • A weekend getaway: Pick a B&B, make reservations for one weekend and surprise your lady.
  • Gadgets: You can’t go wrong with a tablet, new smartphone or digital camera.

For more great gift ideas for your wife, check out Current Catalog.

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