Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Current Catalog

For those of you that have been with Current Catalog since our conception, the world has come a long way with style, technology and, of course, greeting cards.

Let’s take little trip down memory lane and revisit some of our favorite Current Catalogs from 1971!

This is Current going back… way back to 70’s retro style:

Throw Back: Current Fall Catalog 1971

These coloring cards are from our Fall 1971 catalog. Keeping up with the retro vibe, these cute cards were perfect for kiddos.

Current Fall Catalog 1971 Recipe Cards

Recipes cards from fall catalog 1971.

Current Spring Catalog 2971 Greeting Cards

Current Catalog Spring 1971. Our favorite card is the turtle which reads: “So sorry to hear you’re sick. Please hurry and get well quick.”

Current Spring Catalog 1971

Our front cover of the Current Catalog Spring 1971!

Current Spring Catalog 1971 Housewife Cards

Busy Housewife cards used to be very popular in the 70s. In 2014, they probably wouldn’t fly.

Current Catalog Spring 1971 Memo Minders

Don’t forget your todo list with these Memo Minders from 1971.

Current Catalog Order Envelope

Sending your order via mail? This was the stand Current Catalog envelope during the 70s- quite retro and fun!

Share with us your old stories of Current Catalog and if you have kept an old catalog, share with us!

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