Kiss the Chef: Perfecting the Art of the Backyard BBQ

Grilling season is here, and you can say goodbye to tough, dry and tasteless meat. Instead, serve tender, moist and flavorful meats when you master the art of barbecuing.

Choose a Grill

Do you prefer charcoal or propane grills? Either choice provides flavorful meats, so pick the type of grill that fits your personal preferences and budget.

Clean the Grill

You wouldn’t bake meats in a dirty pan, and you don’t want to use dirty grill racks either. Remove residue easily when you spray the racks with oven cleaner, place them into a sealed trash bag overnight and wash the residue off with a hose the next day.

Talk to the Butcher

Take the guesswork out of meat selection when you talk to the butcher. He or she will suggest the types and cuts of steaks, ribs and wings that cook up best on your grill.

Infuse Flavor

A plain piece of steak does nothing to inspire your taste buds, but a flavorful spice rub or marinade satisfies your palette. Play around with paprika, garlic, cayenne pepper, apple juice or a bottled sauce until you find a combination you like.

And remember not to poke your meat and drain all the flavorful juices. Instead, use tongs to turn each tender and moist entree.

Prep the Deck and Table

Serve your delectable grilled meats on a clean deck and table. Simply sweep the deck and cut a fresh flower arrangement from the garden before guests arrive for the barbecue.

Perfecting the art of a barbecue takes time, but it’s worth the investment. Meanwhile, remember to use the convenient online order form to stock grilling tools, colorful plates, a condiment caddy and other necessities that complements your tender, moist and flavorful meats at all of your backyard barbecues.

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