Introducing Select-a-Card: Personalized Greeting Cards

By taking the time to find the perfect card—the one you just know will make your loved one smile—you show friends and relatives that they’ve made an impression on your life. And now, thanks to our new line of Select-a-Card personalized greeting cards, you can customize your birthday messages like never before, allowing you to say so much more than “Happy Birthday!” Consider using a personalized card to:

personalized frog birthday cardShare a Memory
Did looking for a birthday card for a friend or sibling take you back to a fond memory of them? Use your custom message to tell them how much you treasure that moments.

Say Thanks
Sometimes, it’s not so much a single moment you remember. Rather, it’s the kindness a relative has shown over a lifetime that you treasure. If that’s the case, consider using your birthday message as a chance to say thank you for all that they’ve done–and all that they are.

Make Them Laugh Out Loud
One of the great things about being friends is the inside jokes or the crazy nicknames we share. Dropping one—or both—of those things into a birthday wish is a sure way to bring a smile to a friend.

personalized chalk birthday cardAmaze a Kid
Impressing an old friend is one thing, but getting an excited response from your seven year-old nephew is something else entirely. A great way to start is by sending a card with his name on the front and a printed message just for him on the inside.

Arrange a Get Together
If it has been far too long since you and your loved one have just sat down and talked, a personalized invitation to get together might be the best present they receive this year.

Erase the Miles
Live too far from your friend to get together? Use your birthday card to invite them to connect with you over social media and make the miles that separate you disappear.

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