How to Open a Stubborn Jar Lid

how to open a jar lid with towelYou’ve probably had your fair share of frustrating moments when you have a meal planned and suddenly realize you can’t get the lid off the jar containing a key ingredient. Next time you feel like your hand is burning from trying to open a jar, try some of these tips on how to open a stubborn jar lid:

Run it under hot water: If this is a jar you’ve opened before, there may be a sticky substance helping hold the lid on. In this situation, run the lid under hot water for about a minute to melt whatever is holding it on.

Tap it with a butter knife: Sometimes a bit of blunt force will loosen the jar lid enough to get it off with your hand. Just grab the handle of a butter knife and tap the blunt blade on the edge of the lid, repeating the motion about a dozen times around the perimeter.

Use a cloth: Especially if your hands are slippery or if the jar lid has ridges that are irritating you, it can help to put a layer of cloth in between you and the lid. A dish towel will often do the trick.

Get a tool: If stubborn jar lids are common in your kitchen, consider getting a tool to help you out. Current Carries a 4-in-1 Jar Opener to make opening those tough lids easier.

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