Diamonds in the Rough: Finding Great Artwork by Local Artists

Art speaks to the soul

Nothing quite brightens a room like the vibrant colors and tangible emotions of original works of art. They can give a wall a point of interest, a contrasting shade of color and even a conversation starter. While most of us will never hang a masterwork in our home, we can still all share the special joy that an authentic work of art can bring. How? By pursuing the works of local artisans.

Know where to look

Once you start looking, you’ll be surprised to find the works of local artisans almost everywhere. People producing art for a local clientele often offer their paintings, prints and photographs in gift shops, farmer’s markets, fruit stands, second-hand stores, flower shops and country fairs. Sometimes, you can even spot them on the walls of locally-owned restaurants and other small businesses. If you spot something that catches your fancy, don’t be shy about making an offer. While most artists work because they have a passion for the medium, they are also business people who are eager to make a sale.

Prints on canvas

Art encompasses an entire world beyond paint on paper. There are many ways to add the beauty and color of art to your home. One way is to have a photo reproduced on canvas. Wall canvas gives photographs a depth and texture that can make them come alive. Consider using a photo by a local artist whose work you admire and having it made into a wall canvas print. Ready-made art prints can also be very charming. If the colors and message speak to your heart, then, by all means, find a place for it in your home. Current has a wide selection of wall canvases and prints, many of which can be personalized. Ordering is made easy with a convenient online order form.

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