8 Christmas Cleanup Tips After the Holiday Hoopla is Over

Tearing into those gifts and feasting with friends and family is a blessing for sure, but when all the holiday hoopla is over the host must continue on and tend to all the cleaning up. These 8 Christmas cleanup tips after the holiday hoopla is over can make that task a thing of the past – quickly!

1. Reuse Ripped Wrapping Paper

Don’t toss that paper into the recycle bin just yet! Use some of the larger pieces to clean glass or save them to wrap ornaments with after taking down the Christmas tree – another post-holiday task.

2. Clean with Old Towels

It may be tempting to use your holiday kitchen towels while cleaning up the holiday mess, but staining is inevitable. Keep some older kitchen or garage towels handy before, during, and after the excitement to handle messes, so your seasonal towels will look festive again next Christmas.

3. Organic Cleaning Recipes

The Internet is filled with all-natural cleaning recipes, many that are ideal for most cleaning jobs you’ll encounter. Using a chemical-free all-purpose cleaning solution will save you time and money.

4. Divvy Out Leftovers

There’s no way you’ll finish all those leftovers, so request that guest bring take home containers so they can help them self to some of the trimmings. This will prevent the need for you to clean out unused leftovers later and ease your cleaning efforts post-party.

5. Ditch the China and Silver

Save yourself hours of cleaning before and after the holidays by using disposable plates and utensils, and leave the China and flatware packed away this year.

6. Minimize Decor

Every item you leave packed up this season will be one less that you must clean up after the holidays. However, if you’ve received gifts for the home from an expected guest, attempt to include that item in your even decor to show your appreciation.

7. Give Gifts a Home

Go ahead and have the kids find a ‘home’ for their new gifts. Whether they received games for a car ride or a new bike this year, getting these out of the way will ease the cleaning task.

8. Accept Assistance

Many guests will offer to help throughout the day, but we typically decline in effort to be an ideal host. This year, go ahead and say “Yes” to that assistance, so you can spend more time enjoying the day with friends and family.

These 8 cleanup tips after the holiday hoopla will help you reclaim your neat home quickly and efficiently.

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