5 Inexpensive Halloween Decoration Ideas

inexpensive halloween decoration ideas leaf bagsOne of the most fun holidays around is Halloween. Kids look forward to dressing up and trick-or-treating all year long. In fact, most kids start planning their next costume by November 1st.

Halloween is also the day when you’ll be receiving many visitors to your front door – more than any other day of the year. There’s only one problem. Often, those adorable Halloween decorations and favors can add up to be quite costly. As a “just for fun” holiday, it can be a little tough parting with your hard-earned money just to make sure you have one of the most awesomely decorated homes or festive parties on the block.

The solution? Scout out frighteningly fantastic decorations and favors at low prices! Here are 5 Inexpensive Halloween Decoration ideas:

1. Decorate Pumpkins! Grab a few small pumpkins from the grocery store or patch and decorate them! Whether you use simple black sharpie, cut them into characters, or put faces on them, you’ll love the effect it has on your home.

2. Rake Your Leaves. You’ll be raking fallen leaves anyway, so why not bag them up with Pumpkin Leaf bags? You can leave them in your front yard or on your porch on the 31st!

3. Halloween Lights. Go to your local hardware store and pick up some orange Christmas lights. If they don’t carry orange, get gold and intertwine them into  spider web material. Instant inexpensive Halloween decorations!

4. Happy Halloween Garland. If you want to stick with simple, try hanging a nice Halloween banner on your front door. It’s welcoming and festive!

5. Orange Balloons or Punch Balls. Blow up some orange balloons and decorate Jack’o’lantern faces on them. Then tie a string to the balloon and hang from your front porch. You can also purchase orange punch balls for instant decoration.

Stand out a little more by handing out unique treats that are more memorable than a candy bar. Try fun sticker sheets or Halloween rubber duckies.

View our other inexpensive Halloween decoration ideas and have a spoooooky Halloween!

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