10 Top Gifts for Puppy Lovers

gifts for puppy lovers calendar Dog is man’s best friend, or so the cliche goes…and it definitely proves true in the case of your canine-obsessed friend! Choosing gifts for this pal can be difficult though, as his or her collection of puppy mugs and dog figurines is already expansive. Break the mold with one of the following adorable gifts for puppy lovers:

1. Dog Socks

Booties are comfy for puppies, but owners need warm feet too! Shop for an adorable dog socks to keep your friend’s tootsies comfy and stylish.

2. Doggie Yard Ornament

Neighbors will look twice when they notice a wagging tail sticking out of the lawn next door! One of the cutest yard ornaments in the world features the back end of a puppy, busy digging for a bone. This is a great addition to any dog lover’s lawn.

3. James Herriott’s Dog Stories

The author of All Creatures Great And Small also put together a wonderful collection of dog stories. It’ll look great alongside those Clifford and Marmaduke collections!

4. Dog Calendar

There’s nothing better than having a new dog for every month of the year! With quick access to important dates and adorable photos, a puppy calendar is a definite win-win gift.

5. Old Yeller DVD

What better way to enjoy a weekend afternoon than with a DVD of Old Yeller, the perfect (albeit tragic) dog lover’s film? Runner-up movies include Where The Red Fern Grows and 101 Dalmations.

6. Scooby-Doo DVD

As long as you’re thinking DVD, why not get a box set of Scooby-Doo? Your friend will love the throwback gift, particularly if it’s accompanied by Scooby Snacks.

7. Collar

If your friend is a dog owner, consider investing in a nice collar. Go the cute route with a collar decked out in puppy images, or classier with complete leather. Either way, the gift will be much appreciated!

8. Dog Hiking Gear

Outdoorsy dog lovers enjoy taking long backpacking trips with their canines. But carrying all that extra food and water is no easy proposition. Let your friend’s dog do his or her share — invest in a doggie hiking pack!

9. Puppy Locket

Whether it’s shaped like a heart or a bone, a locket allows the dedicated dog owner to keep his or her pooch near and dear, even after Fido’s departed for puppy heaven.

10. Donations To Pet Charities

In lieu of a stereotypical canine gift, show off your philanthropic side with a big donation to the Humane Society.

Hopefully one of these puppy-lover gifts will inspire

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